Interview with Jacques Lennep by Lou Jonas, October, 2014

I would like to briefly introduce the context in which you started making videos. You collaborated with the Antwerp ICC’s Continental Studio to make your first works. Yes, whoever wanted to make video art went to Flor Bex. All this cost nothing. Were you free to direct your works? I’m referring in particular to the …
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The Video Archive, the Research Project and the Website

The funding initiative “Forschung in Museen” (“Research in Museums”) launched by the Volkswagen Foundation came at precisely the right time for the Ludwig Forum für Internationale Kunst. Appointed to the post of director in 2009, Brigitte Franzen was keen to once again establish the museum as a place of research and she systematically considered the possibilities the Ludwig Forum offered in this respect

Alfred Laoureux, Collectionneur

Lennep présente – Alfred Laoureux, Collectionneur; Les 36 costumes d’Alfred Laoureux, video, b&w, sound, 30:36 min, V_NG_73

Vive la peinture!

Vive la peinture!, 1974; La peinture moderne, 1975; Le tableau, 1975, b&w, sound, 14 min, V_NG_131_I_(a,b)