5th International Open Encounter on Video, ICC, Antwerp

The Open Encounters are a meeting place for video artists, curators, and producers. After London (Institute of Contemporary Art, 1974), Paris (Espace Cardin, 1975), Ferrara (Galleria d’arte Moderna, 1975), and Buenos Aires (Centre of Art and Communication, 1975), the 5th International Open Encounter on Video is organized by Florent Bex at the ICC in Antwerp, in collaboration with Jorge Glusberg, director of the CAYC, Buenos Aires. Twenty-seven countries are represented, with more than 260 participants: Chris Burden, Michael Druks, Jacques-Louis Nyst, Gina Pane, Sosno, Wolf Vostell, and others. Alongside the exhibition, colloquia are devoted to “Video and Communication” and “Video and Art.”