Conference Video Matters

The conference that took place on SEPTEMBER 24–25, 2015, at Ludwig Forum für Internationale Kunst reflected on current challenges in the documentation, care, and presentation of time-based art. The interest that museums and cultural heritage institutions have shown in this art form in the course of the last decades has been accompanied by technical changes and technological obsolescence, both of which have become fundamental issues for collections. Digitization as an archiving tool has strongly influenced the way video and other media are handled. Diverging opinions have surfaced both in the discussion on how best to ensure the survival of such endangered works and concerning modes of presentation, ranging from reconstruction to re-invention. Three interdisciplinary discussion rounds brought together professionals from Europe and the US:

THE ARCHIVE Given their dependence on technology, time-based media require specific care and documentation. Starting from the practical and conceptual observations encountered in archival work, this panel addressed a set of issues including sustainable strategies for preservation, creating meaning from the documentation process, and possibilities for opening up the archive. Moderator: Kati T. Kivinen

THE COLLECTION Both a continuation and a divergence from the Archive section, the Collection panel reflected on the specifics of managing time-based media collections from the perspectives of museums, exhibition spaces, and distributors of video art, taking into account their respective histories and developments. Moderator: Alice Koegel

THE EXHIBITION Time-based art is presented in diverse contexts, such as exhibitions, festivals, screenings, and the web. Which opportunities and requirements do those formats entail, and is there a middle ground between a historically informed exhibition practice and re-invention strategies for exhibiting time-based art? Moderator: Ursula Frohne

A conference organized within the framework of the research project Video Archive. Curators: Jenny Dirksen, Brigitte Franzen, Lou Jonas, Miriam Lowack, Anna Sophia Schultz

Video + Television: Ein Gespräch unter Fachleuten, March 11, 1978, Neue Galerie – Sammlung Ludwig; Nan Hoover, Klaus vom Bruch, Günter Bardeschewski, Ulrike Rosenbach, Herbert Schumacher, Heinz-Peter Schwerfel, Hans Backes; photo: Hein Call/ Zentralarchiv Aachener Zeitung/ Aachener Nachrichten

Brigitte Franzen, Lou Jonas

Chairwoman, Peter and Irene Ludwig Foundation, and director, Video Archive Research Project; Researcher and Curator, Video Archive Research Project

Welcome and Introduction

15:55 min

Jon Ippolito

Professor of New Media, University of Maine

KEYNOTE LECTURE: Digital Preservation in the Age of the Selfie

1:02:00 hrs
Section: The Archive

Christoph Blase

Video Conservator, ZKM Karlsruhe

The Preservation of the Ludwig Forum Aachen Video Archive

28:17 min
Section: The Archive

Lori Zippay

Executive Director, Electronic Arts Intermix (EAI), New York

The Archive of Electronic Arts Intermix (EAI)

26:08 min
Section: The Archive

Gaby Wijers

Director, LIMA, Amsterdam

Media Art Conservation at LIMA

22:19 min
Section: The Archive

Johannes Gfeller

Professor and Head of Master's Program, State Academy of Art and Design, Stuttgart

The AktiveArchive Research Project

24:09 min
Section: The Archive

Kathrin Becker

Curator and Head of n.b.k. Video-Forum, Berlin

The Collection of the Video-Forum at the Neuer Berliner Kunstverein (n.b.k.)

26:52 min
Section: The Collection

Renate Buschmann

Director, imai Düsseldorf

The imai Foundation – Between Archive and Collection

22:25 min
Section: The Collection

Sofie Ruysseveldt

Collection Manager, ARGOS, Brussels

The Collection of the ARGOS Centrum voor Kunst en Media

28:38 min
Section: The Collection

François Michaud

Chief Curator and Head of the Video Art Collection

The Third Dimension of Video Works: The Collection of the Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris

24:36 min
Section: The Collection

Jenny Dirksen

Researcher and Curator, Video Archive Research Project

Introduction to the section "The Exhibition"

14:01 min
Section: The Exhibition

Barbara London

Founder of the Video Collection at MoMA, New York

KEYNOTE LECTURE: How Video Monitors and Installations Turned the White Cube Gallery on Its Head

34:25 min
Section: The Exhibition

Eric C.H. de Bruyn

Professor of Film and Photographic Studies, University of Leiden

The Séance: The Screening as Performative Event

24:32 min
Section: The Exhibition

Greg de Cuir Jr.

Selector and Curator for the Alternative Film and Video Festival, Belgrade

Curating Video and the Burden of (Technological) Representation

22:27 min
Section: The Exhibition

Bettina Knaup

Independent Curator, Berlin

KEYNOTE LECTURE: re.act.feminism – a performing archive

32:14 min
Section: The Exhibition

Deimantas Narkevičius

Artist, Vilnius

Artist Talk

12:30 min
Section: The Exhibition

Karina Nimmerfall

Artist, Berlin, Cologne

Artist Talk

16:01 min
Section: The Exhibition